The Professional Truck Driver Institute has certified courses at another 11 truck driver training schools and recertified 10 under its revised certification standards. Forty-one schools across the United States and Canada now offer courses certified by PTDI.

Greta Nord, president and owner of six Western Pacific Truck Schools, says PTDI certification will help her schools stand out from the pack. “We want to be one step above the competition,” says Nord, who has been in the business of training entry-level truck drivers for 21 years. “If we could get everybody to adhere to these standards, we could get rid of the CDL mills, which are really damaging the image of all of us in the industry, not to mention jeopardizing the safety of the general public.”
The PTDI certification process, revised last year, incorporates the Federal Highway Administration’s “Minimum Standards for Training Tractor-Trailer Drivers.” As part of the process, an onsite evaluation team visits the school to scrutinize its existing standards, procedures and practices.
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