Although a measure calling for $1,000 fines for truckers driving 6 mph over the speed limit in Missouri is stuck in committee, another bill targeting speeding truckers has been passed by the state House and is heading to the Senate.

HB 338 would set mandatory fines for trucks exceeding speed limits on interstate highways. The legislation also takes a back door approach to restricting trucks from the left lanes of Missouri’s interstates, according to the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Assn., which is following the legislation.
The penalties outlined in HB 338 call for $100 fines for each mile over 75 mph -- $100 for 76 mph or $1,000 for 85 mph. The bill targets trucks with a GVW of 54,000 pounds or more.
In addition to the increased fines for speeding, HB 338 stipulates that any truck over 54,000 pounds operating in the left lane of an interstate not be operating below 70 mph. Driving in the left lane at less than 70 mph is considered a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or one year in jail.
According to OOIDA, the problem with both bills is that they unfairly target truckers. The bills “were introduced to address general concerns with aggressive driving, but the dilemma doesn’t just involve truckers – it involves all drivers,” says an OOIDA statement. “Unsafe driving can happen at any speed by any vehicle.”
Missouri legislative information numbers are: (573) 751-3824, (573) 751-3766 (Senate); and (573) 751-3659 (House).