The Canadian province of Quebec is requiring all truck operators and brokers to register and receive a safety rating before April 1.

The requirement applies to any carrier operating within its borders, whether they are from Canada, the United States or Mexico.
The registration program was launched in August 1998 by the Commission des Transports du Quebec. Truck owners are required to fill out a registration form and pay a fee of $50 (if you operate two or less vehicles) or $100 (if you operate more than two).
After registering, the operator receives a Register Identification Number and a safety rating. In most cases, carriers are assigned a “satisfactory” rating when entering the market.
A carrier’s rating can become “conditional” if trucks are operated unsafely. The Commission will monitor the carrier to make sure corrective measures are put in place. If things don’t improve the Commission has the power to downgrade the rating to “unsatisfactory” and suspend the carrier’s right to operate in the province for up to five years.
To get a registration form or for more information, call (888) 461-2433 or go online to