A federal election monitor has given James P. Hoffa approval to assume the Teamsters presidency, but barred one of Hoffa's running mates from taking office.

Tom Leedham, who opposed Hoffa in the election after a campaign finance scandal ousted president Ron Carey, said he had not decided whether to appeal.
“It has been two years since the members of this union had legitimate, elected leaders,” Hoffa said in a prepared statement. “I call on the Leedham slate to accept this decision and not further delay the inevitable with appeals.”
Election official Michael Cherkasky barred Hoffa running mate J.D. Potter from assuming his seat on the board. Potter was one of two Hoffa running mates charged with wrongdoing by a separate court-appointed board since the ballots were tallied. The independent review board charged Potter, the leader of a Texas local, with lying to the election office about breaking donation limits.
He also refused to certify the results for two of the vice presidents from Canada, who ran on a separate ticket, while he investigates charges of voter fraud.