Qualcomm has announced price reductions on its CabCard services, which provide in-cab e-mail and other communications services for drivers.

Effective today, the price of a standard in-cab e-mail message of 100 characters has been cut by 50%, now costing just 25 cents. The price of each additional 100 characters is reduced to 20 cents. Prices for P/E-mail, an in-cab paging and pre-programmed e-mail message service, will also be cut by 50% to 25 cents per message.
The price cut will affect more than 85,000 truck drivers who have access to CabCard services.
Qualcomm says the price cut was made possible by the wide-scale product acceptance and the re-engineering of the process in which CabCard e-mail is delivered to drivers.
Introduced in October 1996, CabCard is a pre-paid service providing discounted long-distance phone rates, voice-mail capabilities, driver e-mail and phone-to-e-mail messaging. CabCard allows Internet e-mail to be sent and received directly from the cab of the truck using Qualcomm’s OmniTRACS mobile communications system.
For more information, visit http://www.qualcomm.com.