A new industry group has been formed to help truckstops develop an AC power system that lets trucks power air conditioners, engine block heaters and cab equipment using power supplied through the truckstop instead of engine idling.

This kind of infrastructure is called “shore power,” and several companies last year founded the Truck-Stop Electrification Alliance, or T-SEA, to encourage truckstop electrification. Member companies include Trace Engineering, Phillips & Temro and Dometic.
The Edison Electric Institute is backing the efforts of the group. The institute is an association of shareholder-owned electric companies. It promoted a private-public effort in 1993-4 called the Travel Stop Electrification Consortium. While the funding for this effort did not materialize, the work completed then has provided groundwork for the new T-SEA.
For more information, contact Gerald Baron, executive director of the Truck-Stop Electrification Alliance at grbaron@baron-co.com, or call (360) 671-8708.