More than a dozen dump trucks paraded into Atlantic City Wednesday, honking their horns and disrupting traffic as a protest against low rates, reports the Associated Press.

The owner-operators say they're not being paid enough to haul dirt to the site of a $330 million tunnel project. Instead of the $2.75 per ton they’re currently getting, they want $3.25 per ton.
“I can't make a living with what's going on,” said Joseph A. Pace, of Rosenhayn, one of the truckers.
Escorted by police vehicles, the dump trucks convoyed into the city on U.S. 40 and across Atlantic Avenue, lights on and horns blowing, before parking at the tunnel construction site. It was the second such protest in a month.
“It's a show of displeasure,'' said Tom Pokrywka, president of the 100-member Owner-Operator Trucking Association of South Jersey.
The dirt will be used in construction of a tunnel being built to link the Atlantic City Expressway with the marina district site where Mirage Resorts Inc. plans a billion-dollar casino complex.