Jan. 7 – Overnite Transportation Co. has launched its new “Northeast Advantage,” with shorter transit times on more than 800 lanes throughout the Northeast, including 518 new, next-day lanes.
“We no longer are content to be just another player in the Northeast,” said Senior Vice President-Operations Gordon Mackenzie. “We have totally revamped our operations to ensure that we are the dominant trucking company in the region.”
According to the Journal of Commerce, this is only the first phase in Advantage Overnite, as the project is known internally. The company will implement a Midwestern phase in March and a third phase this fall with more Midwestern and Plains states.
The Journal of Commerce notes that the program is similar to Con-Way’s model, which has three distinct regional operations that have allowed premium pricing and higher profits.
In addition to the new overnight lanes, next month, when the company opens its new, expanded Dallas facility, transit times between Texas and New England will be cut to two and three days. Overnite says this is the fastest in the trucking industry.
Overnite, the trucking subsidiary of Union Pacific, is the nation’s largest predominantly non-union LTL carrier.