Dec. 17 – One Nebraska state legislator plans to introduce legislation to lower the interstate speed limit in the eastern part of the state, reports the Lincoln Journal Star.

State Sen. Curt Bromm, chairman of the Legislature’s Transportation Committee, is drafting a highway safety bill that will include a lower speed limit. Nebraska hit an all-time high of 37 traffic deaths on its interstates in 1996, the same year it raised its speed limit from 65 to 75 mph.
Bromm told the Journal Star that he thinks “65 mph between Lincoln and Omaha would be a reasonable proposal.”
Bud Cuca, president of the Nebraska Trucking Assn., said his group didn’t want the higher speed limits in the first place and would lobby for a lower one. Ed Trout, president of Cornhusker Motor Lines, said a lower speed limit is one way of dealing with the increasing road rage his 250-truck fleet encounters.