Dec. 14 – For the first time, Freightliner has built more than 100,000 trucks in one year. The 100,000th truck of the year, a Class 8 Century Class tractor, rolled off the line Nov. 19 and has been delivered to M.S. Carriers.
Freightliner’s previous production record for Freightliner-nameplate trucks was 84,806 trucks, set last year. The company expects to surpass that mark by 31,000 to product 116,000 in 1998 – four times as many as the company built 10 years ago. (This figure does not include trucks produced by Sterling Truck Corp., which will build 12,000 Sterling-nameplate trucks this year.)
The 100,000th Freightliner truck, a typical M.S. Carriers spec, is a C120 Century Class with a 70-inch Raised Roof SleeperCab and equipped with a 430-horsepower Detroit Diesel Series 60.