Nov. 30 – A former truck driver from Charlotte, NC, has been awarded $2.2 million for injuries he received when 1,000 pounds of Sam’s Club merchandise fell on him nearly eight years ago, reports the Charlotte Observer.

In January 1991, Louis Kilgo opened his trailer doors at a Fayetteville, NC, Sam’s Club. An avalanche of fax paper and other goods knocked him unconscious. After four surgeries, he says he can’t hold a job and struggles with mood swings, numb fingers and memory problems from brain and neck injuries.
Kilgo’s lawyer, Jeffrey Hyman, believes Kilgo’s truck was tightly stocked with merchandise the company failed to properly secure – just like their store shelves. Hyman has sued Wal-Mart and other companies in recent years on behalf of customers and employees hit by objects falling from shelves.
Wal-Mart plans to appeal, saying since Kilgo drove for National Freight, not Wal-Mart, either he or his employer should take responsibility. Sam’s Club employees, however, loaded the trailer.