Nov. 8 – A grand jury decided not to indict a trucker who was accused of recklessly causing the death of a college student in a crash Oct. 16 on I-280 near Toledo, OH – but the prosecutor says she’s not giving up, according to a report in the Toledo Blade.

The charges resulted from a crash in which Lawrence Carr rear-ended the car driven by 21-year-old Delaina Dodgson as traffic slowed for construction and congestion, forcing her car into the rear of another truck in front of her.
The county prosecutor, Julia Bates, said she was surprised by the jury vote, and plans to assemble more evidence and present the case to another grand jury. An indictment had been sought on the charge of aggravated vehicular homicide, a felony, with a prison term of one to five years. The grand jury was not given the option of indicting on the misdemeanor charge of vehicular homicide, which carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail. Bates said if she fails to obtain a felony charge against Carr, she will sign what is known as a bill of information, which will charge him with the misdemeanor count of vehicular homicide.
Carr later told The Blade he had no time to react and might have “nodded off for a second.” He works for S. Floyd Trucking Co., which operates six trucks. Owner Samuel Floyd told the paper Carr was an excellent driver with a good driving record. He had only had a commercial driver’s license since January.