Sept. 28 – Amtralease, an association of truck leasing and rental companies, is expanding its emergency roadside support for members. A new program lets stranded truckers get round-the-clock assistance with breakdowns and accidents using a single toll-free phone call – even if the accident involves the spill of diesel fuel or other hazardous materials.
The program links the services of two vendors: CDI Services Inc., which coordinates emergency road services, and The Spill Center, a company that specializes in spill cleanup.
Amtralease member Local Truck Leasing of Hicksville, NY, which has 150 units in a full-service leasing and rental operation, participated in a pilot program. “The new link gives us faster response time during emergencies,” says owner Michael Kiviat. “Prior to this, if one of our trucks was involved in a spill, we would have to make separate calls. We’re not professionals in dealing with spills.”