Sept. 17 — Burlington Motor Carriers has increased pay and is continuing to change over its fleet from cabovers to conventional condos.
Student drivers who have reached solo status are now paid a base rate of 26 cents per mile for up to six months of employment. This 4-cent increase affects both new and already employed drivers who have been with Burlington for less than 6 months.
Drivers assigned to the Midwest regional shorthaul run are now receiving a straight pay-per-mile rate of 34 cents per mile, loaded or empty. This is an improvement from the sliding scale rate they were receiving.
In addition, a new quarterly performance-based pay increase went into effect last week. The pay increase will equal 45 cents per mile for all miles driven beyond a target of approximately 30,000 miles in a 13-week period.
BMC also announced it is buying 450 new conventional condos for 1999. This is the third year Burlington has bought new trucks as it converts its fleet of 1,600 cabovers to new conventionals.