Seven professional drivers from Burlington Motor Carriers were honored for performance and dedication during the past year. The drivers excelled in service, safety, availability, fuel management, attitude and performance. Each driver received an award package totaling more than $2,500 and will be assigned to a new Freightliner conventional tractor.
The 1996 Drivers of the Year are:
• Louis R. Elmore
• Jessie R. Geers Jr.
• G. Todd Good
• Franklin E. Harrod
• Lynn L. Osborn
• Clarence E. Sawyers
• Garrett Woods
Each year a special Chairman’s Award is presented to an outstanding driver. The award was given to Franklin E. Harrod, who has been employed with BMC for 17 years and has never had a preventable accident. Harrod’s awards package exceeds $5,000.
BMC’s Second Annual Company Rodeos were held this Spring in Indiana. Drivers were judged on truck driving skills, such as strategic backing ability and stopping distance accuracy. The drivers who competed in the rodeos had qualified earlier under ATA requirements. On May 3, the winners from each domicile competed as a team in a Showdown Rodeo held in Daleville, ID.
The winners from the Joplin domicile were First Place: Robert Johnson, Second Place: Jesse Geers, Third Place: Terry Weaver. Also from Joplin: Steve Grover, Jay Warren, George Day, James Correy and Dennis Brooke.
Winners from the Albany terminal and also winners of the Showdown competition held in Daleville on May 3, were First Place: Robin Kinchen, Second Place: Joe Smith, Third Place: Lynn Osborn. Also, John Ghee, William Neal, Bobby Moore, David Briggs and Alfred Green.
Daleville terminal winners were First Place: Charles Cook, Second Place: Donald Glover, Third Place: Rickey Oliver. Also, Everett Baugh, Johnny Hayes, Fred Hadley, Willie Tyo and Allen Wedhorn.
Winners from the Romulus terminal were Herb Wilson, Don Allen, Jerry Kennedy, Rick Bush, Bob Whitesell, Jack Murphy, Brian Hodges, and Jan Petersen. All Romulus winner are Canadian Dedicated drivers.
The top eight winners from each domicile will compete in upcoming State Championship rodeos.