The Engine Manufacturers Assn. has challenged a California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board report which links diesel exhaust with lung cancer.
The EMA claims that the report — Proposed Identification of Diesel Exhaust as a Toxic Air Contaminant — is based on inadequate information and contradicts the findings of other scientific researchers.
According to Glenn Keller, EMA executive director, a major part of the report is based on a 1988 study of railroad workers which was not intended to be the basis for risk assessment. “Both the EPA and the World Health Organization rejected the 1988 study as inadequate for this type of use. The California findings are based, in part, on information that’s been applied improperly,” Keller said.
He adds that “the diesel engine industry insists that any final report actually utilize and reflect the ‘best available scientific evidence’ and ‘sound scientific knowledge’ as mandated by law.”
EMA members continue to work with the USEPA and CARB to develop emissions reduction strategies for cleaner diesel engines.
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