The Tracker P&D transportation information management system now offers a ruggedized, portable data terminal with a built-in integrated bar code reader thanks to a marketing agreement between TranSettlements Network Services, Inc. and Symbol Technologies.
The Symbol PDT 3100 allows drivers and dispatchers to exchange data through the Tracker system. Tracker is designed for pickup and delivery operations, private fleets and couriers, as well as vehicle dispatch operations that need real-time, multi-messaging capabilities.
The Symbol PDT 3100 is a hand-held terminal that features a 8-line by 20- character back-lit display, a 46-character alpha/numeric keyboard and a high-performance laser bar code scanner, using either 1D or the newer, more advanced 2-dimensional PDF 417 scanner. The Tracker system integrates the Symbol PDT 3100 with the Sierra Wireless Cellular Digital Packet Data modem for mobile, wireless connectivity and in vehicle data collection using the Tracker Communications Network.
The Tracker Network Services/Symbol PDT 3100/Sierra Wireless solution utilizes Wireless Internet Protocol (IP) for exchange of data, currently based on the expanding CDPD and Circuit Switched CDPD networks, supported by GTE, AT&T, BANM, Ameritech and other cellular carriers, giving the Tracker Service nationwide coverage without roaming for data communications.
Tracker P&D can operate as a stand-alone messaging system using the Tracker Relay P&D dispatch software and the Symbol PDT 3100 unit, or can be fully integrated with any popular computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system.
For more information, contact TranSettlements at (770) 996-8109 or Symbol Technologies at (516) 738-4699.