Roberts Express has announced the 1996 Safety Contractors of the Year. The 20 best of 1,400 contractors are honored for safe driving and customer service. The winners represent vehicles ranging from mini-vans to tractors.
The 1996 Safety Contractors of the Year and their guests were brought to Roberts“ headquarters in Akron, OH, for an all-expense-paid winners“ weekend, capped off with an awards dinner. In addition to an award, winners were presented with a 2- by 2-foot decal for their trucks.
The honorees are:
Robert Calo of Cleveland, OH; Fred and Joyce Harper of Nashville, TN; Allen and Jane Garn of Canton, OH; Ruth and Phil Kruzick of Atlanta; Joseph and Mary Soupley of Kokomo, IN; Grant and Monica Stonehouse of Toronto, Canada; Keith and Connie Cole of Fort Wayne, IN; James and Mary Nibert of Charleston, SC; James and Bonnie Allan of Orlando, FL; Ted Casper and Gail Lindsay of Milwaukee; Clyde Godwin of Mobile, AL; William and Sue Hittle of Cambridge, OH; Patrick Hopkins of Dayton, OH; Lee Mahlum of Rockford, IL; Michael Rioux of Traverse City, MI; Cynthia and Darrell Ryan of Bristol, TN; Ed and Sandra Browning of Grand Rapids, MI; James Haworth of Dallas; Steve Kring of Springfield, MO; Kaz Platek of Chicago.