GEN Logistics Systems, a Bethel, CT-based developer of Intranet software solutions for the motor transportation industry, has released the ProVision Network and companion modules, ProVision for Shippers, ProVision for Carriers and ProVision Total Access.
The network is designed to link shippers, motor carriers and transportation intermediaries to help optimize the supply chain and reduce administrative costs. ProVision is an secure, on-line knowledge base through which transportation professionals can conduct business.
ProVision for Shippers gives shippers instant, direct access to national and regional motor carriers, allowing them to post loads, review bids and select carriers.
ProVision for Carriers gives fleets access to cargo posted by national and regional shippers. Fleets can search for shipments based on criteria such as origin, destination or equipment type.
Provision Total Access is the customized interface for the network designed to combine the power of the shipper and carrier modules and give transportation intermediaries access to post loads for shippers and bid on loads for carriers.
ProVision members also receive an E-mail address to communicate with other members.
For more information, call (203) 731-6913.