Umthun Trucking Co. recently held annual employee recognition and safety awards banquets at regional locations in Birmingham, AL; Youngstown, OH; Hammond, IN; Dallas, TX; Muscatine, IA; and Eagle Grove, IA. The company honored 184 drivers, mechanics and loaders with 1997 safety awards.
Highlighting the awards were seven new million-mile safety award drivers, three who reached the 2-million-mile mark and two who received the 3-million-mile safety award. They included:
• 3-million milers: Scott McCurry and Melvin Lawrence.
• 2-million milers: Lee Clabaugh, Earl Olson and Dennis Peterson.
• 1-million milers: Olan Aukland, Dave Chapman, Joe Fox, Dave Cook, Brian Hunt, Eugene Swanson and Larry Traeger.