-  Image: Konexial

Image: Konexial

Konexial’s new My20 Locking System, a keyless, digital smart-locking trailer and container security system, was developed through a partnership with Nokē. Combining Nokē’s smart-locking hardware and dual-layered encryption keys, and Konexial’s My20 software ecosystem, the system can lock, unlock, track, and control all lock access from anywhere through the My20 app.

“My20 Locking System with secure digital locks will significantly reduce and even eliminate the threat of trailer theft,” said Ken Evans, CEO of Konexial. “With more drivers parking in remote areas, securing the back door of the trailer is a critical issue for drivers and their shippers.”

The My20 Locking System is available in two different options: HD Padlock and Lock Block. The HD Padlock is made of hardened steel, has a 10mm shackle, and boasts a water-resistance rating of IP67. The Lock Block is a heavy-duty steel housing that offers additional protection for the HD Padlock and includes a built-in, interlocking shackle that drops into the removeable HD Padlock lock body.

Access to both types of physical locks are provisioned, customized, controlled, and tracked in the My20 Tower, a web-based control tower for telematics.

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