VHub Integrates with Fleet Telematics, Trailer Tracking Systems

Image: vHub

VHub now offers integration between its platform and fleet telematics and trailer tracking systems, providing an exact GPS-based location of available units and actual mileage, according to the company.

“Having a high level of confidence about exactly where trailers are located allows owners to keep track of assets they are making available for repositioning and sharing. It also helps eliminate time spent searching yards for trailers and lets fleets and drivers enhance their ability to use available hours of service productively,” said Francis Roy, vice president of vHub.

Identifying unused trailers can help companies generate revenue by listing the units on vHub, where they are instantly available for rent by users. The automated process of telematics integration improves transparency for billing based on detention time and distance traveled, according to the company.

The vHub integration requires trailer owners to enter a unique ID when listing equipment in their account, which allows vHub to accesses the trailer’s GPS location via an API, making its location information available to drivers on the mobile app.

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