Transflo has expanded its Electronic Bill of Lading and Electronic Proof of Delivery offerings with the improved document digitization and data exchanging for the supply chain. 

Members of Transflo’s Mobile Advisory Board and a handful of major shippers in the market helped develop these new solutions, which offer multiple ways for shippers and receivers to provide documents to drivers, including allowing documents to be uploaded electronically and enabling document scanning for shippers through the Transflo Mobile+ app. User can also take pictures of loads and utilize time-stamping and geocoding technology.

Drivers will have access to forms that allow them to engage shipper workers and receive e-signatures from receivers. The tools will provide all parties with instructions on how to electronically send and create an e-signature on a document.

Users who select to send documents via uploading to a web page as PDFs, TIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs, and they will be indexed and associated with the shipper, receiver, carrier, and driver within the Transflo document cloud.

Once documents have been submitted by a shipper, Transflo’s server matches them with the driver that initiated the activity. If there is a load associated with the event on the driver’s app, it will also be matched with those documents.

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