The Go Rugged is now offered with LTE capability.

The Go Rugged is now offered with LTE capability.

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Two major announcements will allow Geotab customers with mixed fleets to manage heavy equipment and vehicles all on one platform.

Integration with Factory-Fit Telematics

Geotab fleet customers can now enable AEMP 2.0 data feeds directly from off-road OEMs’ factory-fit telematics solutions to provide businesses with a singular view of their vehicles within the Geotab platform. The AEMP 2.0 standard was created by the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) to establish a basic protocol and API for viewing various manufacturers’ data in a single repository.

Geotab recently partnered with John Deere to, with permission from the customer, pull the OEM’s AEMP 2.0 data from John Deere’s integrated telematics solution. This will enable businesses operating John Deere equipment within their fleet to have complete visibility into their workforce, assets, and costs in a single platform. Earlier this month, Geotab announced similar partnerships with Ford, Volvo, and Mack Trucks to integrate more OEM data into its system.

“Working with renowned partners such as John Deere helps to open the door for other potential opportunities with heavy equipment OEMs who are looking to provide their customers with a more integrated solution,” said Scott Sutarik, vice president, commercial vehicle solutions. “Not all heavy equipment OEMs utilize the AEMP 2.0 standard however and as such, fleets may require an alternative solution, such as a third-party telematics device, to provide them with access to the essential data needed to ensure optimal fleet management. Geotab’s new Go Rugged device is a great option.”

Go Rugged Adds LTE Capability

Geotab also announced its Go Rugged ruggedized telematics solution is now offered with LTE capability. With the Go Rugged, heavy-equipment fleets can access Geotab’s powerful open and secure telematics platform which combines traditional fleet management and industry-leading data analytics. Fitted with a durable exterior enclosure, the Go Rugged allows for installation outside of the vehicle, ideal for fleets operating in harsh conditions.

The Go Rugged also features accident detection and notification, a built-in auto-calibrating accelerometer, engine diagnostics and battery health assessment, G-force monitoring, and near-real-time vehicle data and a fast GPS acquisition time.

“Strategically designed to withstand harsh environmental factors such as ice, heat, and dust, the new Go Rugged brings the benefit of GPS tracking to the heavy equipment market, while providing specific features that meet the unique needs of off-road fleets,” added Sutarik. “Whether your off-road vehicles have a factory-fit telematics product or you are leveraging the Go Rugged to better manage your heavy equipment fleet, Geotab provides businesses with the option to have improved visibility over all vehicles — off-road and on — within one platform.”

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