Fortune cited XPO for its strength in growing both by acquisition and organically. 
 -  Photo: XPO Logistics

Fortune cited XPO for its strength in growing both by acquisition and organically.

Photo: XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics Inc. (NYSE: XPO) has landed on the Fortune Future 50 list of U.S. public companies determined by the business magazine as having the best prospects for long-term growth. According to Fortune, each firm listed “won its spot by demonstrating both steady execution and forward-looking strategic nimbleness.”

This is the first year that the Greenwich, Connecticut-based global provider of transportation and logistics solutions has earned a place on the growth-oriented list. XPO Logistics is separately ranked 186 on the Fortune 500, the annual listing of the largest United States corporations by revenue. Earlier this year, XPO scored spot number 67 on Fortune’s list of the largest US employers.

“We’re honored to be selected as a Fortune Future 50 company – it speaks to our ability to achieve phenomenal long-term growth,” said Bradley Jacobs, CEO of XPO Logistics. “The criteria that Fortune set for this list include many vital attributes, such as clarity of vision, agility and investments in technology. These are core strengths of XPO. We’re growing rapidly in a $1 trillion addressable market and intend to vastly increase our current 2% share.”

The Fortune Future 50 methodology weighs 17 predictive factors in the areas of strategy, structure, technology and people. Among these factors are a company’s board composition, its environmental, social and governance standards, and the share of managers and employees who are female. Fortune’s algorithms utilize artificial intelligence to assess a company’s expected future growth and its capacity to deliver that growth.

According to Fortune, XPO has grown from $177 million in sales in 2011 to $17 billion today, “thanks largely to an incredible run of acquisitions.”  The magazine also pointed out that XPO is growing organically, noting that, in April, it launched XPO Direct, which ­allows retailers to rent space from XPO in areas where their stores don’t have warehouses.

Fortune stated that that move alone “could eventually make XPO an Amazon competitor,” adding that “Deutsche Bank expects XPO Direct to reach $1 billion in revenue within a few years.”