Education and technology company Cengage has partnered with S/P2, an online training provider for businesses and career tech schools, to integrate safety pollution prevention and soft skills training within its MindTap digital learning platform.

The partnership, announced during the American Trucking Associations' Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting in Atlanta, is designed to give students in transportation training programs both the technical and professional skills they need to be successful in the workplace.

Many transportation programs currently use MindTap for teaching theory and diagnostics, as well as S/P2 for safety, pollution prevention and soft skills training. Often, S/P2 training is required before students can enter medium/heavy-duty truck shops.

Integrating S/P2 content directly into MindTap provides both students and faculty a single point of access for all of their essential training content.

In addition to MindTap Medium/Heavy Truck, all transportation MindTap products, including MindTap Automotive and MindTap Collision, will deliver S/P2 content at no additional cost. Students can also access MindTap as part of a Cengage Unlimited subscription, which gives students access to all of the company’s digital higher education materials.

“We know that employers want students who have both technical skills, such as theory, application and diagnostic training, as well safety and soft skills,” said Katie McGuire, senior product manager, Cengage. “By partnering with S/P2, we’re giving students the best of both worlds, and ensuring they are prepared to be successful in the workplace.”