Driver Buddy is an all new application that focuses technology to get you paid more and paid faster. By capturing key information as your field techs and drivers perform work, fleets invoice customers same day with 100% of the required supporting information including signatures captured in real time. 

Built on enterprise grade cloud technology there is no upfront capital investment and you can be running the same day you sign up.

Driver Buddy Cloud Based Supply Chain and Logistics Software Platform's tiered applications lets customers choose the level of integration they need, with a host of applications to choose from.

Full Truck to Office eliminates of an average of 500 cumulative hours per month with dispatchers, drivers/techs, sales and customer service team members for an average 25-truck fleet.

Driver Buddy lets you invoice within minutes of completing work, which takes an average of 3 days out of your time to bill – and with 100% of your backup documentation stored with the order you will eliminate over 80% of your disputed invoices.

Full Document Capture eliminates all the administrative work that goes with filing, sorting and keying the data from shipping documents.

Work Order Management allows you to build all the forms and templates you need to run your business at no additional cost. And there's no configuration cost, just a few minutes of training and you’re customizing the app yourself.

Driver Buddy’s drag and drop dispatch means that your dispatchers are working with a clean easy to use interface. The system allows multiple dispatch crews to work in the same system where you have total visibility and their screens show only what they need to see. All setup is done while we are on site for your first day of launch.

  • Driver Buddy Level 1, Lite, provides complete visibility to your people in the field and assets on the road. It was designed for companies that need a powerful management tool but not all the bells and whistles. Level 1 allows you to create orders, drag-and-drop dispatch, track assets and drivers in real time, and get delivery confirmation.
  • Driver Buddy Level 2, Standard, takes cab-to-office communications to the next level.  Upgrading your Driver Buddy account to Standard gives you everything in Lite plus customer management, workflow management and work order task tracking.
  • Driver Buddy Level 3, Pro, gives you everything in Standard plus customer portal, document management and document capture, contract carrier management and auction environment. For a small additional charge, inventory management and customer invoicing can be added.
  • The highest level on the Driver Buddy cloud based supply chain and logistics software platform can be totally customized to your business and your industry. Upgrading your Driver Buddy account to Enterprise gives you everything in Pro plus advanced workflow functionality enhanced workflow controls, customized reporting as well as industry specific regulations, interfaces and directories.