Telogis, Aliso Viejo, Calif., released a new version of its route-planning tool, called Telogis Route Planning Suite, at the National Beer Wholesalers Association Convention held in Las Vegas Sept. 30.

The new product includes three connected modules that tie together back-office planning and real-time execution.

“Our existing Route product was a long-range scheduling tool,” explained Newth Morris, president Telogis Route and Navigation. “The new set of modules can set on top of that and broadens the applicability of the product.”

The new suite includes three modules, the first of which is called Telogis Territory.

“In many respects, it looks like a classic territory tool,” Morris said. The application is web-based and feeds directly into the Telogis scheduling engine. According to Morris, the Territory module not only allows companies to build territories, but also allows them to do analytics – for instance, what types of customers exist in certain locations, the number of deliveries made to specific customers, or the best location for a new warehouse based on existing customer patterns.

“Customers can go directly from building territories to creating long-range schedules that have constraints,” Morris said, such as customer hours of operation, holidays on and other information.

Telogis’ existing long-range scheduling and route optimization tool is being rebranded as Telogis Schedule, while the third module introduced is called Telogis Plan.

“Plan is meant for the daily kind of changes that happen in a business,” Morris said. While Territory and Schedule are back-office applications for long-range planning, Plan offers a dynamic routing tool to accommodate any changes that might occur. “The user in this instance might be a warehouse manager,” Morris said.

Another technology improvement on the scheduling side, Morris said, was migrating the applications to HTML5. “That’s the technology that works on phones and tablets and everything else,” he said.

The Route Planning Suite seamlessly integrates with Telogis’ other applications, such as the progression product which charts planned routes against actual and the Telogis Fleet telematics/mobile product. The Fleet module “runs on any device,” Morris said, and includes hours-of-service and navigation capabilities.

As for the analytics side, Morris said the suite includes a series of reports that examine various metrics with real-time graphical feedback such as time on route, time on site, missed delivery windows., etc.

The company has been running a beta release with some existing customers. Those customers will be grandfathered in to the new product, Morris said. Other existing Route customers will be offered a discounted upgrade for the new modules.

Morris said the new product offers customers a series of “ultra-web-based tools that allow companies to analyze their business and make effective changes.

“We feel we have an end-to-end planning solution that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of our mobility products.”

Although the company has as strong presence in the food and beverage delivery industry, the product applies to any similar route-based delivery operation as well as sales and white-collar fleet operations, he said.