Bee Line Co. recently partnered with PKS Equipment & Engineering Inc., an Automotive Lift Institute certified lift manufacture, to develop more elevated options with 4-Post, Scissor and Mobile Column Lifts.

Lifts can be custom ordered to meet individual customer specifications, and each is tested under numerous temperature and structural stress conditions.

The 4-Post Lift is a cost-effective solution for routine maintenance on an entire fleet. It has minimal set-up time, offers choices in lifting capacities from 12,000 to 80,000 pounds, various runway lengths and includes safety locking legs on each post.

TheScissor Lift is driven by high pressure hydraulic cylinders with no under-vehicle obstructions or horizontal movement. They are designed to be drive-on ramp style or drive-through and recessed into the ground or above ground.

The Mobile Column Lift has per column lifting capacities of 12,000 to 40,000 pounds and tire diameters up to 72 inches. It is equipped with controls that raise and lower vehicles at the same pace to ensure safety, and is easily moved when not in use to open a bay for other purposes.

Every lift produced is built to the ANSI ALI-ALCTV-2008 Standard for Automotive Lifts Safety Requirements for Operation, Inspection and Maintenance. The majority of the lifts also have been tested and certified to meet or exceed the ETL requirements for lift safety.