Verizon announced it is rolling out Networkfleet on the Verizon Wireless network. Networkfleet is a fleet-management solution that provides a wide variety of monitoring and management capabilities for increased productivity and improved customer service.
The Networkfleet solution - part of Hughes Telematics, which Verizon acquired last year – will now be combined with the Verizon Wireless network and will debut in Verizon’s own U.S. service fleet for improved monitoring, management and route optimization capabilities.
With the new “all-Verizon” solution as part of its telematics portfolio the company is building on the joint capabilities of Verizon and Hughes Telematics to help fleet, operations and risk managers use technology to improve operations by managing speed, fuel consumption, drivers and vehicles while optimizing vehicle use and routes using vehicle diagnostics to help hold the line on maintenance costs.
The Networkfleet telematics solution combines in-vehicle hardware and a Web-based application to store, view and analyze data on specific vehicles as well as overall fleet performance. Vehicles are equipped with a GPS device that sends information to the Networkfleet Data Center over a secure wireless network.

Key features include GPS fleet tracking; asset tracking; fleet maps; vehicle diagnostics with alerts; roadside assistance; preventative maintenance; and other fleet management tools.
Verizon is deploying Networkfleet to an initial 18,000 company vehicles in its fleet this year to expedite customer service, while increasing productivity and cost efficiencies.