An ambitious and dedicated French Canadian fleet owner has taken a detour with a miniature tractor-trailer that is making the rounds on YouTube.

He's Jacques Auger, who reportedly spent $40,000 on the mini Kenworth W900L and four-axle petroleum tanker, whose prototype hauls up to 12,000 gallons. The KW has a 3-cylinder Cummins diesel, and the tanker was made by an actual trailer manufacturer in Quebec, according to reporters up there.

The rig is road worthy and legal, by way of a special permit that Auger obtained from provincial authorities. He shows the papers to police who stop him because they think the little rig must be illegal. But he usually hauls it in an enclosed trailer pulled by a real W900.

Auger started in business some years ago with one truck and now runs about 100, and they all look like the mini. He is very careful about safety and cleanliness, my contacts said, and raises money for research on types of cancer that afflict children.

He uses the mini-rig for fundraising, sometimes loading the tanker with lemonade to serve to children at special events.

Former HDT Senior Editor Pat Smith, who's now retired, found it on YouTube and sent the link to me last weekend. Enjoy it!