Tornados that ravaged parts of Oklahoma on May 24 included one that hit a tractor-trailer right where it was on a highway.
ABC News carried video, shot from an aircraft, as the twister hit the semi head-on, tipped it on its side, then tore up the van trailer and dragged its pieces down the road.

The film clip includes a short audio interview with the rig's driver, who reportedly suffered only minor injuries. Jeremiah Morrison was thrown from his tractor and found himself laying on nearby grass. The clip was soon posted on YouTube, and is worth the 1:59 running time to watch and listen:

"Here we go!"

Here's another story on CNN where Morrison appears on camera, and we see some cell phone video Morrison shot as the tornado approached:

It happened near Piedmont, in the central part of a state that lies astride Tornado Alley. May was a devastating month for tornados, which hit Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama and other states, killing hundreds and destroying billions of dollars worth of property. Hundreds of people are homeless and relief efforts continue.