Aljex Software has introduced Integrated Inbound Faxing, a new service that enables carriers to fax documents directly into a broker's or 3PL's hosted Aljex system.

Aljex is a leading provider of Web-hosted software for transportation companies, including brokers, carriers, 3PLs, air freight, intermodal, and more. Since Aljex is hosted, new options such as IIF are immediately available to all customers.

Here's how IIF works: For example, when an Aljex broker signs up for IIF, the company is assigned a dedicated fax telephone number. Then carriers can fax proofs of delivery or rate confirmations directly into that broker's Aljex account. At the Aljex end, the process from POD through billing is paperless.

Faxed documents appear as JPEGs on a secure Web portal where the broker can confirm and/or match an individual document to a particular pro number. When documents are bar coded, Aljex can often read the bar codes and automatically link rate confirmations and PODs with individual pros.

If it's not barcoded, Aljex provides options to search for the right shipment for the documents.

IIF eliminates steps in handling faxed documents, speeding workflow, and cutting time off the billing cycle.

IIF is available now to Aljex customers. Learn more at