Maverick Transportation has launched an in-house video production department as a part of its growing public relations and marketing efforts.
Along with new video production capabilities, Maverick has also re-launched its corporate YouTube channel.

"The role of our marketing and branding efforts has always been to deliver compelling and useful information about our company, and the transportation industry, to our customers and professional truck drivers," said Spring Dixon, public relations manager. "Without a doubt, the most powerful medium in which to communicate a message is through video. This adds a whole new element to our marketing efforts."

Maverick chose to keep video production in-house to closely manage its brand, as well as creative content and message.

"Having access to an in-house team is important because we need people who are surrounded by this industry on a day-to-day basis," added Dixon.

Driver Recruiting and Sales will be the initial, primary focus of video content, while several projects in HR, Safety, and Operations are also under way.

"The possibilities are endless, said Dixon. One of the distinct advantages of corporate video is that it can be used across several different platforms, from broadcast to social media."

In addition, Maverick trucks are equipped with Qualcomms MCP200 satellite technology, which allows the company to stream video directly to the cab of each truck.

Viewers can access Maverick's latest videos via Maverick's YouTube channel at or on Mavericks Media Center page at