Webtech Wireless, a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services and telematics technology, announced the immediate availability of its next generation WT7000 locators with 3G connectivity.

"By partnering with a variety of leading global suppliers in the development of our new WT7000H and WT7000H+, we were able to speed our time to market with our next generation products," says Gary Zywiecki, vice president of Engineering.

"We were also able to reduce our certification time by taking advantage of the recent expansions in our telematics systems lab, allowing us to receive certifications in record time while further increasing the reliability of our systems."

The WT7000H and WT7000H+ are among the most advanced telematics devices available to the commercial and government markets, according to the company. Boasting a wide variety of input sources and configuration options, these devices support a large variety of solution sets, including integration with the Webtech Wireless MDT3100 In-Cab solution to offer fully automated Electronic On Board Recorder solutions to the trucking industry.

Both the WT7000H and the WT7000H+ are available for immediate delivery.