LAS VEGAS - Rand McNally announced a hardware revision and a price drop on its TND 760 mobile fleet management solution.

The one-box, one-cable solution, which is a compliant electronic onboard recorder with mobile communication and optional truck navigation, is available for $549.99.

The news was released at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition.

The price drop is the result of cost reductions spurred by rising demand for the solution, as well as ongoing engineering improvements and efficiencies.

Since its launch last year, the TND 760 has been installed by more than 100 fleets. Now, for $549.99 for the hardware and $19.95 per month for service, trucks can be equipped with a fully compliant EOBR solution. For $150 more, the hardware comes loaded with Rand McNally's navigation. Lease options are available for qualifying fleets.

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