Equinox Owner-Operator Solutions, a technology-driven business services firm that offers truck drivers carrier-integrated mobile and online bookkeeping, tax, and advisory services, launched a new Driver Placement Program.

The Driver Placement Program is intended to help carriers reduce the time and costs of on-going recruiting by connecting them with pre-qualified drivers who meet their criteria, and is also intended to help drivers find those carriers that are the best fit for their skills and experience.

"Recruiting is quickly becoming the most important part of running an operation," said Colton Lawrence, president of Equinox Owner-Operator Solutions. "The driver shortage is costing carriers in two ways. One, the amount of money spent on recruiting each year is astounding. We all know that.

"But the other cost is the opportunity cost in time and human resources that are dedicated to on-going recruiting. With so many people and resources focused on recruiting, carriers divert attention away from freight, customers, maintenance and other parts of running freight, all so they have enough quality drivers. This is the problem we are seeking to solve."

Equinox's Driver Placement Program screens and qualifies interested drivers who are not currently contracted with or committed to a carrier from among Equinox's national network of thousands of drivers.

According to Jon James, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Equinox's parent company, OnRamp Transportation Services, "Drivers are carefully screened and qualified through a series of online and offline interactions, enabling us to partner with carriers in selecting and placing the best drivers that are the best fit for them, according to that carrier's standards, geographic limitations, and specialty needs."

Equinox's Driver Placement Program also provides drivers with the opportunity to be pre-qualified and placed with reputable carriers so they do not have to take on the burden of investigating and researching carriers that are the best fits for them.

"We feel this fills a big void in the marketplace," said Lawrence. "The amount of time, people and money spent continually filling and replacing the driver pipeline, if allocated even in portion elsewhere, would be a gigantic lift to a carrier's bottom line. Our goal is to be a matchmaker that can objectively screen and place the best drivers from amongst the sea of drivers so that carriers can focus their time and energy on what they do best: dispatching and managing freight."

Drivers can go to http://equinoxlife.com/index.php/driver-placement. Carriers seeking to learn more can contact Shannon Garlick at [email protected]