Organizations can pre-register for AT&T's Enhanced Push-to-Talk service, which is expected to be commercially available in November.

AT&T Enhanced PTT will combine the benefits of traditional PTT communications, quick calling and group talking, with advanced capabilities such as mobile applications, smartphone compatibility and fast connections over 3G and 4G/LTE networks.

With AT&T Enhanced PTT services, businesses and organizations of all sizes will have these expected features:
- Call up to 250 people with the push of a button.
- See who's available to talk immediately with AT&T Enhanced PTT's presence indicators.
- Download the AT&T Enhanced PTT client to compatible mobile devices, without any special configuration.
- Allow supervisors to override PTT calls in order to communicate important, time-sensitive messages to their teams.
- Use mobile applications, GPS or cameras on their phones during PTT calls.
- Choose from up to six different handset options at launch.

Future plans for the AT&T's Enhanced PTT solution include dispatching software for businesses that need to direct employees to specific places at specific times. A taxicab company, for instance, could use the location-aware dispatch application to determine which driver is closest to a pickup location, and then call the driver over PTT.

AT&T's "early access" program gives customers two options: pre-register for Enhanced PTT now and receive discounts on compatible smartphones, or activate a beta version of Enhanced PTT with no charges for the PTT client until the service launches.

AT&T is also continuing its successful Enhanced PTT charter program for organizations that want to evaluate the solution before registering.

For more information on AT&T's Enhanced PTT early access program, please visit