Meritor Wabco announced its next generation Lane Departure Warning system, including SafeTraK technology by Takata Corp., will be available for fleet installation starting in October.

The system is designed to monitor the road and the vehicle's position in the lane, and to audibly warn the driver if the vehicle unintentionally leaves its lane. Drivers are alerted if the system detects lane drifts, weaving or lane changes without a turn-signal application.

Advanced image analysis algorithms let the Meritor Wabco LDW detect a wide variety of lane markings, such as dividing lines on the highway, even in unfavorable lighting or weather conditions. The LDW is a fully integrated compact unit with automatic calibration and integrated diagnostics that simplify setup and operation.

In addition, a Driver Alertness Warning function provides a warning when the system determines that the driver is drowsy. This tool helps drivers stay aware of dangerous driving situations caused by fatigue.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association has cited "failure to keep in proper lane" as the third most cited reason for a fatal truck accident, an event that is commonly caused by distraction or fatigue. While fleet management can monitor and train on adhering to hours of service regulations to mitigate drowsiness, drivers may still operate their vehicles while fatigued or inattentive.

FMCSA has estimated the payback for LDW-type systems to be as short as nine months and the payback as high as $6.55 for every dollar spent. The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended the adoption of LDW.