Cadec Global announced a partnership with Digital Fuel Solutions that provides a web-based management tool designed to optimize the entire fuel delivery process at every level of operations.

PowerVue customers in the fuel industry can now benefit from the DFS System and its real-time delivery of critical information giving drivers data about fuel delivery assignments, terminal and source information, and last-minute delivery changes. In addition, drivers can communicate to the back office updates such as manifest numbers, exact gallons loaded, stick readings at the stations, time stamped loading and dropping information.

All of the pickup and delivery workflow is accessible on Cadec's PowerVue in-cab computer while also providing a single platform and user experience for compliance, safety and driver performance.

The supply chain data is communicated in real-time to the back office, so fleet managers can have precise information about pickup and delivery times, fuel delivered, inventory levels for tanks at stations, and can expedite their billing to clients as information is entered in real-time from the field as work is completed.