Parker says its Chelsea 560V Series rear-mounted power take-off and vane pump combination offers high power density in a compact and flexible design.

The Vane Pump design is based on the Parker T6C family. With interchangeable Vane cartridges you can achieve flow rates from 3.4 to 31.7 gpm at 1200 rpm and pressure ranges up to 3,500 psi.

The combination of never having to set gear back lash and the Vane Pump design provides quiet operation, while the robust design of the 560V clutch pack provides a continuous duty torque rating of 335 pounds-feet, the company says.

Because of this robust design this unit will no longer require a intermittent torque rating. Both the main PTO housing along with the suction and pressure ports on the pump can be rotated to provide maximum clearance underneath a truck. A wet-spline connection between the PTO and Vane Pump ensure long life, and reduced maintenance cost and time, according to Parker.

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