Xata Corporation's Turnpike fleet management software is now integrated with TMWSuite transportation management software from TMW Systems.

The Xata Turnpike integration with TMWSuite provides a cost-effective solution that combines both driver and fleet management tools in one. The integration provides fleets all the functions and services for the end-to-end transportation process, and is scalable for a wide range of customers, from regional brokers and 3PLs to national carriers with fleets ranging from 50 to 15,000, the company says.

TMWSuite uses Xata Turnpike's GPS data to detect site arrival and departure events and update loads in Dispatch without manual intervention, which saves time for both drivers and dispatchers, and improves data accuracy.

Xata Turnpike's HOS data provides additional convenience to planners and dispatchers by showing important information - remaining driver hours, stop arrivals and load completions - and controlling all dispatch activities from one screen. It also speeds billing and payroll processes by automating manual processes with Xata Turnpike data integration.

For more information, visit www.tmwsystems.com