Alternative Hydrogen Solutions LLC, providers of the Hy-Impact line of hydrogen systems, is partnering with Velociti Inc. to provide a network of installation and post-installation services for all Hy-Impact units
installed on diesel combustion engines across all vertical markets throughout North America.

Designed and manufactured by Highline Technical Innovations Inc., the Hy-Impact product line uses hydrogen as a catalyst to more effectively burn fuel, according to the company.

Hydrogen is separated from water via the process of electrolysis, allowing a precise amount of hydrogen gas to be introduced into the engine's combustion chamber. Highline says this creates a significantly more efficient fuel burn.

Hy-Impact's patent pending CPU technology ensures the correct amount of hydrogen is released, while no moisture enters the engine, resulting in a 9% to 23% increase in fuel economy and lower emissions, the company says

Velociti will be working with Alternative Hydrogen Solutions to install the units, designed for implementation on engines of all sizes, on for-hire and private fleets, commercial marine fleets, oil services machinery, agricultural machinery, locomotives and municipal vehicles.

AHS's relationship with Velociti will provide Hy-Impact users with access to a network of installation professionals as well as post-installation services.

"This product has already proven to be a great success in small circles of the marine and agriculture space," says Bill Cunetta, president of AHS. "However, we knew that if we wanted to see that same success on a large scale commercial level we would need to seek relationships with proven world-class industry experts. With Velociti handling all deployments and LaunchIt taking control of marketing and public relations we have leveraged the caliber of resource that will ensure such success."

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