Transportation Costing Group announced the latest version of its Cost Information System for truckload carriers.

The newly enhanced TL/CIS solution provides all of the same applications and functionality of the previous software along with several new capabilities. All enhancements are included in the new version of TL/CIS at no additional charge for existing customers.

One of its new key features is Freight Impact Modeling. This capability reports on the impact of removing specific freight for a customer or lane. It drills deeper under that scenario to show the opportunity for an increase or decrease in profitability.

Another new feature of TL/CIS is its Driver Productivity Monthly Report, which includes indicators that can affect freight profitability, such as loaded and empty miles, hours, and loads dropped. This information can lead to effective decisions about driver hiring and training needs, note company officials.

Other new features of TL/CIS include interfaces with ALK PCMiler to pull toll cost information when costing freight. A new EZPass option accepts two separate source files to obtain actual toll payments and link them to the specific freight, making it easier for carriers making automatic payments to obtain toll costs.