FreightWatch International announced the expansion of its Container Integrity Service for cargo shipments within the U.S. and Mexico.

To support C-TPAT compliance, FreightWatch has introduced its latest lock, seal and tracking technology to monitor a shipment's integrity in real-time. Paired with its container monitoring service, products in transit can be sealed, secured and verified while moving throughout the supply chain.

The electronic seal and tracking device is placed on a container or trailer at origin and is monitored by FreightWatch's Command & Control Center for immediate escalation. Security and location updates are issued regularly upon port-to-factory-to-customer arrival and departure, unauthorized entry, unsealing or violation of any preset parameters. In the event of a container breach or location discrepancy, FreightWatch engages law enforcement to recover the shipment in its entirety.

"Since our inception in 1998, FreightWatch has had an unrivaled cargo theft recovery rate of 100%," says Barry Conlon, CEO of FreightWatch International. "In response to customer demand, our Container Integrity Service aims to curtail the uptick in cargo crime and shipment contamination that is rampant throughout the U.S. and Mexico, providing our clients with confidence to ship high risk products across borders."

The reusable electronic seal can be easily removed for Customs and Border Patrol review and deployed domestically or internationally for use in risk situations over sea or land.