TeleType has released SmartTruckRoute, an Android application allowing commercial truckers to use the built-in GPS in a phone or tablet to create truck-friendly routes with live map updates and live traffic.

SmartTruckRoute features include:

- Routing considerations including low bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, sharp turns and allowances

- Truck-specific maps and routes

- Turn-by-turn instructions

- Routing based on size and weight of vehicle, user-definable truck specifications

- Supports hazmat restrictions by class to avoid tunnels and other restricted areas

- Displays surrounding traffic and aerial views at no additional charge

- Built-in speaker for hands-free operation

- Navigation does not interrupt other functions of the phone

According to Marleen Winer, vice president, business development, "The Android app gives truck drivers peace of mind for about 10 cents a day, regardless of what other GPS they may be using as it provides an inexpensive back-up system for truck navigation."

TeleType is also planning to release the app for the iPhone and iPad. Future add-on modules for Android and iOS will allow access to load board information.

For further information, go to SmartTruckRoute is available on Google Play (formerly known as the Android Marketplace).