Vigillo's newest version of its CSA scorecards puts a strong emphasis on drivers by incorporating advanced Driver Essentials.

The new CSA Driver Essentials categorizes drivers by various CSA-related measures and enables many highly requested features such as separate CSMS and DSMS views, historical snapshot data, and filter and sorting options.

Features of CSA Driver Essentials include:

- Multiple List Views: Choose between viewing drivers in two-year Carrier SMS or three-year Driver SMS formats, or by points, DSMS percentile, inspections or violations for each BASIC.

- View Historical Data: View all current driver information or view past monthly snapshot dates.

- Improved Search: Search for drivers by name, number, license number, license state,
or all parameters.

- Sortable Columns: All columns are sortable in the new driver list simply by clicking the column heading. Click again to sort in reverse order.

Three new Export Data Links have also been added to CSA Scorecards. Data Export Tools now include:

- Driver Summary Export: This export allows views of summarized CSA data for each driver including inspections, violations, points, DSMS percentiles and OOS for each BASIC. You can easily sort and filter this data to identify drivers, terminals or managers having the most effect on your CSA scores.

- Inspections & Violations Export: Export inspections with full violation data, including BASIC, violation code and description, unit (vehicle number or driver), CSA points per violation and inspection under both two-year Carrier SMS and three-year Driver SMS views.

- Crash Export: Export crashes with full driver information including injury/fatality, tow away and HazMat release information, and CSA points under both two-year Carrier SMS and three-year Driver SMS views.

"We believe, as do the majority of our customers, that 2012 is the year CSA will focus intently on the driver," says Steve Bryan, president of Vigillo. "Through the use of our newly added CSA Driver Essentials, our customers will now have the ability to see just how a driver score affects their overall CSA score."