McLeod Software is now shipping Version 10 of its DocumentPower Enterprise business process management and automation solution.

Version 10 includes an expanded set of barcode capabilities and enhancements to the system's existing automated forms recognition module, which gives companies greater flexibility and accuracy in auto-indexing for all documents that come into the system from any source.

Other features of Version 10 include:
-"Electronic stapling" of document images
-Broader compatibility with emails, photos, and other electronic images or documents that come into the system via the web, email, or remote scanners
-Document traceability function that expands the auditability the system offers and ensures that incoming documents are never lost, incorrectly indexed or accidentally deleted
- A new systems high availability architecture that gives companies the ability to make business process management processes available 24/7 without the risk of downtime due to single point hardware failures
-Ability for individual electronic customer bills to be completely tailored on a case-by-case