Compli, which entered the trucking industry earlier this yearwith its comprehensive human resources and compliance software, is now offering just the CSA compliance parts of its program as Compli CSA, a separate product for less cost.

Compli CSA provides real-time integration with FMCSA data and automates key processes resulting from inspection and violation updates. It initiates automated notification and workflow to review violations, prompts and enforces disciplinary action, and re-trains personnel, while automatically creating an audit trail of actions taken.

American Trucking Associations is endorsing Compli CSA as an effective solution to help trucking fleets efficiently manage and automate their CSA performance and compliance requirements.

"The CSA experts on the ATA staff have reviewed Compli CSA and determined that it can help our members and others in the trucking industry successfully manage their CSA compliance programs," said Warren Hoemann, ATA senior vice president for industry affairs.

Compli CSA provides:

* Inspection and violation management, including daily updates from the FMCSA inspection and violation database, automated workflow, automated documentation, integration of violation and inspection data and relevant actions into driver personnel file

* Analytics, allowing fleets to review FMCSA data and severity rankings by BASIC, analyze out-of-service vs. non-out-of-service violations, nd drill down to understand which drivers and violations contribute to elevated BASIC scores

* Driver and employee training, with more than 70 driver safety training programs that can be accessed through Compli CSA's integration with industry training providers such as Pro-Tread.

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