Meritor Mobile, a sales and service information tool, is now available for free download through the Apple App store and iTunes. The application will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of sales and service personnel in the commercial vehicle industry.

Meritor Mobile is the public version of the Meritor iPad application used by its North American Field Operations sales team. Meritor's extensive product portfolio and exceptional customer services are featured through nearly 800 files, including brochures, maintenance manuals, parts books, technical bulletins, images and videos. Meritor says it's one of the most content rich applications in the commercial vehicle industry.

"After the success we have seen with our North American Field Operations team utilizing the iPad sales tool, it made sense to roll this out publicly and give our customers a tool that will enhance their sales and service effectiveness," said Matthew Stevenson, general manager, North American Field Operations and Marketing, Meritor. "Users will now have key Meritor product information literally at their fingertips further strengthening our commitment to innovation."

Meritor Mobile was first unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March 2011. MATS was also Meritor's first literature-free trade show, as the application allowed attendees to individually explore product features and benefits using iPads in the booth. Attendees used the integrated email feature to send themselves literature rather than taking a printed brochure, further enhancing Meritor's commitment to environmentally friendly business solutions. Meritor Mobile will now be available at select tradeshows in Meritor's booths.

The application is designed for easy navigation as users can drill down to progressively more detailed sales and service information in each of Meritor's North American product lines. It is compatible with both generations of the Apple iPad. A network connection is not required but it is recommended.

For more information and to download Meritor Mobile, visit, or go to Apple's App store or iTunes.